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What is Health?

Each individual may have their own vision and understanding of what optimal health means to them. I believe that physical, mental and emotional wellness are interconnected and finding a way to restore harmony in one area may positively produce changes at other levels. I see health and healing as a process of uncovering the layers that restrict us unnecessarily and learning to nourish that which helps us to grow in our mind/body/hearts.

Auricular Acupuncture

Ear acupuncture is gaining widespread popularity for its' effectiveness at treating addictions and ptsd. For people recovering from traumatic experiences, acupuncture can help: calm anxiety, ease depression, reduce hypervigilance, promote restful sleep, alleviate nightmares, improve focus and memory, decrease irritability and angry outbursts, stabilize mood swings, reduce flashbacks, relax tight muscles, ease physical pain, assist with processing and releasing painful emotions.

Why Barefoot?

The term Barefoot refers to the Barefoot Doctors of China; a program that began in the 1950's cultural revolution. Due to a severe shortage of doctors in rural China, villagers were given training in western and eastern medicine to serve their communities. This cooperative model became internationally recognized by WHO for its' success in delivering primary health care to millions of people. I am inspired by the modern day community acupuncture movement and would like to see acupuncture available to all.

Marianne Pedretti, Registered Acupuncturist

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