Community Acupuncture

Community acupuncture is not available at this time due to Covid-19 safety protocols.

Community acupuncture treatments are not essentially different from private acupuncture. They are just done in a group setting and there are number of benefits to community style acupuncture. People may prefer getting treatments with friends and family members, find the group energy comforting and feel empowered by taking care of health concerns in a collective way.

There are 3 reclining chairs in this space and the ambiance is quiet and restful. Clients will do a short consult after settling in to a chair but talking is kept to a whisper and is concise in nature. The needles are placed in distal locations (below elbows and knees and possibly on the head/ears). For this reason, it’s important to wear loose clothing that can be rolled up at the legs and sleeves.

The community acupuncture model provides low-cost treatments, (sliding scale $25-35) and is designed to enable people to be able to receive acupuncture treatments regularly. There is no need to prove your income, it’s simply an honour system of what is affordable.

In order to learn more about your health issues and concerns, information will be collected on intake forms and a short consult will occur at the beginning of each session so that your progress can be tracked. You will need to fill out the intake forms ahead of your first session and know that all information collected is kept secure and confidential. Forms are available for printing from the website in the New Clients sections or arrive 15-20 minutes early and fill them out at the clinic.

The clinic is located on the second floor of a building with stairs being the only access. I’m very sorry if this is a barrier for you and please email me with your specifics to see if accommodations can be made.

The movement of community acupuncture has been growing rapidly in the last 10 years, particularly in the U.S., and has been very successfully breaking down the barriers so that people from all walks of life can access acupuncture.

I’ve been a member of POCA (People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture) and have interned at a community acupuncture clinic, 6 Degrees, in Toronto.

Here’s an article with more information on how community clinics are helping to build and strengthen our collective health.

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