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Happy new year of the Earth Pig 🙂
This is a year of stronger yin influences featuring earth and water elements. It's a good time to focus on taking good care of ourselves, our communities and this lovely earth that we share with so many other beings 🙂 Be adventurous <3

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Acupuncture can be used to restore function. This kitty has great results. ...

You guys. Chloe's first acupuncture experience exceeded our wildest expectations. 😭😭😭 In this video you can see how relaxed she is during acupuncture and electroacupuncture (she literally fell asleep on her alpaca while listening to calming music)--and you can also see that she began to ✨kick her legs, move her tail, and even STAND UP.✨ This is incredible. Bear in mind that this is just a very small victory on a long road, but we now are looking ahead with more optimism than ever. Thank you to everyone who has donated so she can receive this care. We love you so much. Thank you for believing in Chloe. And thank you CityPaws Animal Hospital for giving Chloe a chance! #teamchloe #gochloego #kittenlady

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It would be great if hospitals here offered acupuncture instead of drugs for pain. ...

An Australian trial of acupuncture in our hospitals has found the therapy is just as effective as drugs when it comes to relieving pain. More – Health tips #Health #7News

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