New Clients

If you are new to traditional Chinese medicine, please know that many questions will be asked about your specific health history and issues. It’s  all part of the process to help understand the underlying patterns.

Please know that all the information collected is kept confidential and health records storage follows the legal requirements for health care practitioners.

If it’s your first private session, a confidential health history intake is compiled. There is a standard health history form which includes past health history and the main issues you are coming in for along with a series of questions about particular indicators of imbalance according to traditional Chinese medicine. We will discuss details of your health concerns during the intake.

For community style: please fill out the same intake forms ahead or arrive 15-20 minutes early, to complete them at the clinic. You will have an extra page to fill out which will allow me to compile specific information about you. There will be a short discussion following about your key issues.

In both private and community acupuncture, following appointments will give you the opportunity to update your progress and any changes that are occurring.

There is a copy of the intake forms here:


You are welcome to fill it beforehand, if you like, or during your first appointment. Please ask any questions that you have about the forms or the process of sharing information.