Acupuncture Treatment 1 hr: $80
*First treatment (includes a health history intake fee) : 90 minutes Total= $110

The initial consultation and treatment has an extra fee added on as it can take up to 90 minutes and involves info gathering and health history relating to your main concerns. This health history interview is especially needed for diagnostic purposes in issues of greater complexity.  If an acute injury or straightforward issue is your main concern, the longer intake may not be needed. Many people have multiple health issues and we can better understand the patterns in Chinese medicine that correlate with these multiple issues if we do a full health intake. 

Each follow-up appointment involves assessing progress and updating treatment accordingly.

Acupuncture is HST exempt, so the above price is the total amount.

Insurance plans can also be used for those who have coverage by submitting receipts to the insurance company for reimbursement.

I can accept payments in cash, cheque, debit or credit card and e-transfers are also possible.

Cancelled appointments:

A $30 cancellation fee will be charged unless 24 hours notice is given.