Marianne Pedretti, R Ac

Welcome. Are you interested in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine? Barefoot Acupuncture Peterborough clinic offers acupuncture therapy and personal health guidance to assist people to improve, recover and maintain their well-being and vitality. The clinic operates from a basis of compassion and non-judgement and combines ancient traditional wisdom with modern scientific research to provide a high level of care. Please call, text or email if you want to learn more.                                        I offer free 15 minute consultations.                        You can book an appointment online using the button below or call, text or email me. Contact: 705-740-7945

Acupuncture for Pain

Acupuncture is an effective therapy for a wide variety of conditions but people often come in with pain issues and this is what acupuncture is best known for. Helping people heal from injuries and relieving chronic pain is what I do most frequently. Acupuncture is a process that works best with a series of treatments and can also be used effectively as preventative maintenance and self-care

Acupuncture for Mental and Emotional Health

Acupuncture is gaining widespread popularity for its’ effectiveness at mental and emotional health issues.  Addiction and ptsd have shown to be responsive to acupuncture. For people recovering from traumatic experiences, acupuncture can be a support to help with symptoms such as anxiety and depression, hypervigilance, insomnia etc. For addictions, acudetox is used by many treatment centers to ease withdrawl symptoms.  The deep relaxation felt after an acupuncture session benefits our ability to be resilient and recover from day to day life stresses.

Why Barefoot?

The term Barefoot refers to the Barefoot Doctors of China; a cooperative model of healthcare delivery that began in the 1950’s cultural revolution. Due to a severe shortage of doctors in rural China, villagers were given training in western and eastern medicine to serve their communities. This model was internationally recognized by the World Health Organization for its’ amazing success in delivering primary health care to millions of people. I am inspired by the modern day community acupuncture movement and would like to see acupuncture available to all.

Marianne Pedretti, Registered Acupuncturist

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